S3 - model 297 experiments

Campfire Assembly

I cannot believe it has been so long since my last post.
Changes in work and living situations (all for the best), have distracted me a bit from this purpose. I present now, a few sketches from the past few months.

I added an Infinite Phase Shifter model 297 to my system recently and these recordings are all experiments intended to familiarize myself with its behavior. Particularly satisfying to me among this batch are Crackling Line and Dry Pine Sap Line, which are both Self-Playing experiments using only the Infinite Phase Shifter, Complex Waveform Generator, and the Source of Uncertainty. I suggest listening to them at relatively high volume through speakers in a nearly empty room after imbibing an entire bottle of artificial smoke flavoring.

Watered Path required most of the system, the 297 included in order to manipulate feedback, and is not a Self-Playing Patch.

Driving Conversation, also served as a test of the extreme times available through external control of the 281's Attack and Decay stages. The actual piece takes a very long time to decay completely to silence.

I hope enjoyment is the result upon listening.


macumbista said...

Fantastic batch there, sir. Always a pleasure to hear. And in case you didn't see the email, the Vague Terrain issue with yet another of your little masterpieces is officially launched next Monday! Best from Berlin. D.

Jason R. Butcher said...

Thanks Derek, I'm glad you like the work.
The VT issue is incredible, I'll be posting a link here once its published!

ether^ra said...

Jason...Me thinks your BEST to date!I can't wait for a new cd!!!!

Jason R. Butcher said...

Thanks, John! Sadly, not enough time lately to think about a disc, hopefully soon though!

Ms Apples said...

My my my, Mr Jason R Butcher, I must say, these are quite delightful to listen to. You have quite the talent.

Jason R. Butcher said...

Thanks - I really appreciate your kind words about the work!