For your enjoyment (?), a few recent recordings and details of two images for the upcoming show at Beep Beep Gallery (see previous post).

Preview of 'noodle' image for upcoming 'restless devices' show

10.17.2010.2.SPP - A short recording of a self-playing patch (noodle) from this past weekend. Intended to be listened to at high level, the end of silence marks the moment I turn the system on:

Preview of 'noodle' image for upcoming 'restless devices' show

Erratic Music Box:


Upcoming exhibition - Restless Devices

I will be exhibiting some new work (short animations, sound players, etc.) alongside Joe Elias Tsambiras (excellent drawings, etc.) at Beep-Beep Gallery, November 13 through December 5th.
Some previews to follow this post...